Friday, May 18, 2012

AU2012 Program - Bill Davis, K0AWU

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NLRS Aurora Survey Summary
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Thanks for attending

For those that attended AU2012, Thank You. We had a smaller group it seemed this year, but lots of competition given the WX, Dayton soon, Graduation Parties, yard work ...... A disadvantage of having AU during this time of year vrs a "snowier part of the season"
  • CONGRATS to Bruce W9FZ for receiving the  Wesslund Award, well deserved Bruce. Thanks for all you do to add to our enjoyment  the hobby.
  • CONGRATS to Jon, W0ZQ, Chris N0UK and Glen KC0IYT for their reelection as our NLRS President, VP and Secretary-Treasurer.
   I hope that all that attended, enjoyed the opportunity to visit, meet, share and learn from others in attendance. Thanks to our presenters for six outstanding presentations. Last but not least thanks to The test range crew, Curt, Jim and others that assisted with facilities and support. Please participate in our brief, 10 question survey to improve future Aurora events (scroll down to the next post).
73 and CU on the bands ... Bill  K0AWU  EN37ed

Aurora/2012 Survey Summary Results